Full camo pattern done by @sg_firearms to include even the @taran_tactical_innovations base pad, and the @inforce01 APL. Grip work done by @ssvi_llc, continuing the badass 2 tone effect. #glockfanatics #glockporn #glockmods #glockperfection


Full camo pattern done by @sg_firearms to include even the @taran_tactical_innovations base pad, and the @inforce01 APL. Grip work done by @ssvi_llc, continuing the badass 2 tone effect. #glockfanatics #glockporn #glockmods #glockperfection

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Alright kids, I see a lot of people going back and forth about guns and gun control. However,  people who seem to know aboslutley nothing about the subject also seem to be the loudest.

So, here’s the deal-

You are not qualified to talk about gun control if one or more of the items on this list apply to you:

  • You use the term “assault weapon” to describe firearms.
  • You don’t understand the difference between semi-automatic and select fire.
  • You think the AR in AR-15 stands for “assault rifle”.
  • You refer to AR-15s as assault rifles.
  • You refer to any semi-automatic weapon as an “assault rifle”
  • You use the term “gun-nut.”
  • Your knowledge of firearms is entirely based on movies and video games (Call of Duty, Act of Valor).
  • You use the term “high-powered” to describe a firearm.
  • You think a rifle’s lethality is determined by things such as collapsible stocks, barrel shrouds, flash hiders, and pistol grips.
  • You don’t understand the difference in calibers of ammunition. Example, why you shouldn’t fire 5.56 out of a firearm chambered in .223.
  • You base firearm ownership on what a person “needs”, when there is no legal precedent for need, especially for constitutional rights.
  • You think the Constitution ‘gives’ you your rights.
  • You have ever fought against internet censorship, but fought for gun control.
  • You have ever used the 1st Amendment to defend your right to something, while saying that the 2nd Amendment is outdated and needs to go.
  • You have ever said or  that the Constitution needed to be scrapped.
  • You aren’t familiar with the practice of carrying magazines and reloading a firearm, but support magazine round limitations as effective means of gun control.
  • You believe “well-regulated” means ‘government controlled.’ Lrn2 18th century context.
  • You think the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets, but the 1st Amendment is a living breathing document that protects text messages, emails, and electronic communication in general.
  • You don’t know what a militia is, or you believe the National Guard means we have no need for the right to form militias
  • You voted for/support Dianne Feinstein, Carolyn McCarthy, or Michael Bloomberg.
  • You continuously ask gun owners to compromise, yet offer nothing in return other than “letting them keep their guns”
  • You have ever used the phrase “common sense gun control” in support of an assault weapons ban, magazine limitation, or registration push.
  • You think an assault weapons ban would have prevent school shootings. See- Columbine.
  • You think government enforced prohibitions work in any shape or form.
  • You’re unaware of the fact that mandatory background checks are already law.
  • Your main source of news is either MSNBC or FOX.
  • You think the Second Amendment has anything at all to do with protecting slavery.
  • You get your talking points from the wealthy and media elite who all have their own heavily armed security.

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Thank you, have a nice day. 

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AUSA - Barrett M240LW - Soldier Systems Daily

Although it’s not exactly new, the Barrett M240LW is a lightweight variant of the fantastic M240 medium machine gun. Sure, the Army has the M240L which cut some significant weight off of the American version of the FN MAG but it uses a Titanium receiver which translates into mucho dinero.

Barrett took a different approach. They trimmed the fat out of the weapon. You’ve got to remember, the MAG 58 is over 60 years old. By analyzing the gun’s construction and applying modern design and manufacturing techniques, they were able to trim about five-and-a-half pounds from its weight down to 21.15 pounds The design is also interesting in that the receiver is manufactured in two pieces from solid billet and then welded together. This results in 2 receiver components rather than the 64 found on a standard M240. You’ll also notice a new, Barrett-designed telescoping Buttstock with adjustable length of pull and hydraulic buffer. While there is no top barrel shroud the lower handguard features KeyMod slots.